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 Welcome to Branch Conservation District


Upcoming Meetings / Projects

Michigan's Conservation Districts are "unique" local units of State Government, that utilize state, federal, and private sector resources to assist people with sustainable use and protection of the natural resources on their lands.

Conservation Districts continually scan the needs of their local communities, work with other conservation minded partners to set local priorities, and develop action plans to solve natural resources problems. The delivery of these efforts by Conservation Districts allows citizens to manage their private lands for a cleaner, healthier Michigan.

The Branch County Conservation District is governed by a locally elected, five-member Board of Directors. The Directors make decisions regarding the District's programs and activities and hire qualified staff. The staff provide information, technical assistance, workshops, public education, cost-share opportunities, as well as affordable tress / shrubs to enhance wildlife and reforestation.

Since it was organized in 1948, the Branch County Conservation District has provided for the care, use, and conservation of our county's natural resources by creating an awareness of conservation issues and by being the leader in providing innovative assistance. Wildlife habitat development, reforestation projects, surface and groundwater protection and environmental education are all a part of our effort to ensure that landowners preserve their piece of Michigan for their children and future generations.


Thank You to Bill Earl
for serving as a District Director! 
We will miss you.
Thank you to Everyone who made
Our 66th Annual Meeting, Board Elections
& Conservation EXPO

a great success!
Pictures coming soon.

Snow Drifts Causing Head Aches? 
Soil Blowing away?
We can help!

Pre-order time extended to April 4th!
The District, Annual Newsletter & Tree Sale information is out!,
New items are available!

Take a look at the tree sale drop down for information.


Swan Creek Migratory Waterfowl Restoration Project 

In partnership with U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service the

Branch Conservation District is offering the opportunity to create restorations on land within the Swan Creek Watershed. 

Tree plantings, waterfowl wetlands, warm season grass plantings, exclusion fencing, and more are included as possible projects. 

Additional funds have been added to this project  through 2016.

So you say you don't live in this Watershed?

Please contact us anyway.  This project is scheduled to expand into additional Branch County areas.  We still might be able to help.



Great News!

Branch Conservation District now Accepts:

Visa / Mastercard / Discover / Dinners Club

for payments on trees, products, rentals, services and donations.

District Board Meeting

April 8, 2014
7 to 9 P.M..
387 N. Willowbrook Rd.
Suite F
Coldwater, MI


"Clean Sweep"

to be held in
Branch County

July 16th.

Pre-registration is required. 
For forms and further information see the MWSP drop down on this website.

For more information on any of

these projects please contact Kathy
@ Branch Conservation District
(517) 278-2725 ex 5
387 N. Willowbrook Rd.
Suite F
Coldwater, MI 49036


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No-Till Drill & Prescribed Burn Assistance

Sign-ups are now open for the 2014 spring season.

Please see programs and services for our drop down and the district agreement or see

our Drop Down under

Resources / Printable Forms


Call us for more information.

517 278-2725 Ext. 5



Note:  Our Friends at:

Pheasants Forever

would like you to know their seed orders for this year are open. 
Please see our Printable Forms drop down for this year's
Pheasants Forever offerings.





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